Josh Duhamel to Join Jennifer Lopez In the Cast of the Shotgun Wedding

Apparently, the Transformers’ actor Josh Duhamel is set to replace Armie Hammer for a role in the Shotgun Wedding – an upcoming action-packed romantic comedy. According to sources, the actor is in talks to play Tom, who will be the love interest of Jennifer Lopez’s character Darcy. Josh Duhamel has also appeared in a variety of titles such as New Year’s Eve and Love, Safe Haven, and Simon.

The Shotgun Wedding Will Be Directed By Jason Moore

Jason Moore Directing Shotgun Wedding
Production for the Shotgun Wedding is set to start soon, and Jason Moore will be directing the movie. In it, a couple brings their respective families together for an extravagant wedding in an even more extravagant destination. Things soon go south for the couple when one of them gets cold feet, and the entire party gets taken hostage.

Armie Hammer Was the Original Choice for the Male Lead Role

Armie Hammer
While Hammer was the one who was initially cast in the leading male role that has now been given to Duhamel, he was dropped out of the project after a social media controversy that involved unverified explicit messages. In the wake of the scandal, Lionsgate confirmed Hammer’s departure via a representative.

The star from Call Me By Your Name, Armie Hammer, later disputed the legitimacy of the supposedly controversial messages. He said in a statement that he was not responsible for these claims. Still, he added that in light of the spurious and vicious online attacks against him, he could not in good conscience leave his children for four months to shoot a movie in the Dominican Republic. He also remarked that Lionsgate is still supporting him in this ordeal and was grateful to them for that.

When the Shotgun Wedding is complete, it will head to Amazon Prime Video for a variety of major international territories and some key indie buyers. Lionsgate will hold onto the domestic rights for the movie, and negotiations are still ongoing for most Asian markets.