This Organization is Making It Trendy to Not Waste Food

This Organization is Making It Trendy to Not Waste Food
An organization known as wastED has found an incredible way to get the masses to pay attention. Too many times, food is wasted unnecessarily. There is a myriad of reasons why this is tragic. For one, people are starving around the world. People have grown produce and raised animals so we might enjoy a nice dinner out. To have some of that food thrown out is one example of how we live in excess. A more mindful approach to get people thinking was brilliantly created by wastED.

What is wastED?

What is wastED?

It’s a community of people coming together that all play their part in the food industry. This includes:
Their call is the element of reconceiving waste. How do they execute that? By doing what brilliant chefs and peasant cooks have been doing for thousands of years. They made something wonderful from food that people don’t usually deem that special, trendy, or interesting. They create interest and obscurity using these foods in new ways.
You might have an image of what kind of food was being introduced. Don’t worry, we have the low down of the food that was used and how much was consumed. This list is based on 10,000 wastED dishes made.
600 lbs of vegetables that weren’t considered “pretty”
150 lbs kale ribs (the hard part of the kale)
30 gallons beef tallow
475 lbs skate cartilage
350 lbs pulp of vegetable
900 lbs pigs that were waste fed
There were two occasions where wastED took over a popular restaurant. In London and New York City:

wastED New York

In March 2015, the famed Blue Hill restaurant in the very well known Greenwich Village became a space for wastED. This was a pop-up; which people still love that had a theme on food waste and how it could be re-used. The menu consisted of by-products that nobody would have considered in fine dining before. The chefs got their ingredients from farmers and fishermen. They sought out distributors, processors, plant breeders, and more. Using so many different avenues to get the by-products they were looking for was necessary. There were twenty chefs involved that would bring together the daily specials.

wastED NY

wastED London

wastED London took over Selfridges London’s rooftop, starting at the end of February until the beginning of April in 2017. The UK apparently is advanced in the restaurant industry, already very keen on the food waste movement. The pop-up in London was mainly themed for ingredients-in-the-rough that came from local sources. Some chefs were delighted to be guests at wastED, and it was a massive hit with Londoners. There were even some exciting cocktails created with the wastED theme intact. Of course, some teas were available, but not your traditional Afternoon Tea experience.
Sometimes, significant change is going to come from inspiring ideas. When something becomes trendy, it becomes something everyone seems to care about. I think wastED knew this and they rode that train to get people to change the way we see the food we eat.