Sports Legend Usain Bolt Just Released His First Music Track

Usain Bolt

If you thought you had seen the last of the former sprinter and undeniable sports legend Usain Bolt, think again. After he retired from athletics in 2017, the Jamaican track star briefly focused his attention on football and played for the Central Coast Mariners in Australia in 2018. And now, his focus is on taking over the music industry.

Usain Bolt Enters the Music Scene

Although Bolt had already dipped his toes in music by producing a riddim album by Jamaican dancehall artists, he had never released a single of his own until that point. So, when he released Living The Dream with friend and manager Nugent “NJ” Walker, everyone watched and listened. It turns out, Usain’s musical aspirations don’t end there. In a recent interview with Zip 103 FM, he shared that he has been working on more tracks that will “drop soon.”

Bolt went on to explain that he and NJ don’t want to rush anything because they want to make sure “the music comes out at the right time.” Fans will be happy to know Usain is also working on an EP, so there’s a lot to look forward to from the multi-talented former athlete.

Usain Bolt (left) and Nugent "NJ" Walker (right) for a promo poster of their new track
Usain Means Business

When asked about his future plans in music, Usain Bolt said his main goal is to show people he and his team aren’t joking around with their projects. He means business and won’t rush things. The plan is for them to take their time and let fans understand they’re serious about creating quality music. Much like in track and field, Bolt said, it’s all about putting in the time and effort to achieve great things.

It’s always inspiring when a popular figure known for their talent in one area decides to devote their energy to mastering another field. If there’s a valuable lesson in Usain Bolt’s experience, it is that you can achieve anything if you put in the work and are persistent in your efforts.

We are looking forward to track two, Mr. Bolt!